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Moringa Oil, cold-pressed, unrefined

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Moringa oil  is extracted from the cold pressed Moringa seeds.  A nutty taste makes the behenoil a pleasant food supplement. It is equally suitable for the preparation of salad dressing, for cooking, baking or frying.

It is increasingly being used nowadays as a natural basis for cosmetic products and for therapeutic skin care.

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Moringa oil in the kitchen

Moringa oil is a high-quality salad oil and temperature-resistant frying oil for the kitchen, which contains countless vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, essential and non-essential amino acids and other vital substances. The oil of the "miracle tree" also contains valuable fatty acids, where the ratio of omega-3 fatty acids to omega-6 fatty acids is 6:1.
Thanks to its comparatively high boiling point at 220°C, it is ideal for frying food briefly and sharply.

Moringa oil for the skin

In natural body care and as a massage oil in wellness treatments, the nutrient miracle is becoming increasingly important, as it has similar properties to human skin fat. It is considered to be a light oil that is absorbed quickly and without residue by the skin layers. Besides its regenerating effect, Moringa oil provides sufficient moisture for dry and mature skin. Ingredients such as antioxidants combat free radicals, which are known to be the cause of premature skin aging with severe wrinkling. Due to its antibacterial effect, the oil reduces the formation of pimples and acne. It nourishes the skin so that the complexion appears more radiant.

Moringa oil for the hair

If you want to use Moringa oil for hair care, the product is suitable for moisturizing if the hair has a normal porosity. During application, a thin film of oil forms on the hair, which prevents moisture loss. The oil is best applied overnight or kneaded into the hair one hour before shampooing. The collagen-stimulating ingredient protects coloured hair from split ends, weather influences and cigarette smoke. The oil's balancing properties effectively help against dandruff and give the hair back its natural shine over time. After B vitamins stimulate hair growth and strengthen the hair root, vitamin E is used for hair growth and scalp care, so that the hair is rejuvenated. In order for the hair to gain elasticity, it is recommended to use the conditioner at least once a week.