Thank you for being here, I always recommend you to others; all my friends now order from you.


I ordered the Classic from you years ago and was very satisfied. Since it has actually lasted with good storage until now (my last order was in 2018!!), I only now have to order again! Now I'm going to try the ProNature; the difference hasn't quite dawned on me, but I hope it's just as great. If you have any more information on the differences in the shea qualities, I would be delighted to receive it with the consignment.
Yours sincerely, M.B.


Hello again,

I was very satisfied with the last delivery, so I would be
very much like to take 12 kg again. Or was it 14 kg
per box?
So that you don't have to repack them....




Dear Shea WaLe Team,

my order was processed quickly. Thank you very much. As a long-time customer, I am again very satisfied with the Shea butter unrefined Sensitive. It is used and appreciated by the whole family in many ways. I am happy to recommend the shea butter to others.

Kind regards

M. W.


Looking forward to the great products.

The soap is a blessing. Even my husband loves it and now uses it to wash his hair.

Thanks a lot


I am glad that the shea butter (Sensitive) was delivered so quickly. I like to use these the most and order them again and again. I use it for homemade creams, deodorant creams, also for the lips and feet. In addition, I support local African women with my purchase. I like that. Thank you very much for your commitment!


I wish you a healthy and successful year 2023, especially for the valuable work in Africa.


Good morning Mrs. Maier.

I hope you were able to spend a relaxing Christmas.
Thank you again for making it possible to reroute the shipment of my order this week.
Among other things, I received the soap "Alata Simena Coconut" and am extremely excited in the first use...

Dear Mrs. Maier:

I wanted to thank you again for the delivery, the (Baobab) oil is wonderful. A friend of mine has also ordered from you on my recommendation....

Best regards

Mrs. B.


I have been a customer of yours for many years and I am still so enthusiastic about the products. Thank you for the great work and quality. Kind regards

Dear Mr Höllige,

thank you very much for your efforts! I had noticed this error immediately after placing the order and informed Amazon Service about it. I was only a little shocked yesterday that after a month there was suddenly going to be a debit.

Your products are very much appreciated by me and my family! We have had very good experiences regarding skin irritations and exzema. I recommend them diligently and know that friends and acquaintances have also ordered the good shea butter from you as a result. Especially the shea, which is mixed with the medicinal plant, is excellent for the nappy area of our little ones, among other things. My daughter-in-law was very surprised that she could no longer notice any sore spots after just a few hours. I work with toddlers and use the Shea there too and recommend it to parents. I know from the stories of a mother that her daughter's neurodermatitis eczema has improved considerably with Shea. My father has his eczema on his hands under control (unfortunately, no other remedy has been able to do this so far). Complete success!

We are also happy that we can support your initiative in Ghana and of course we only buy here. Thank you for the really great products!

Best regards to Ghana, B.T.


Hello Mrs. Maier,

Since ICE is perfect for controlling my neurodermatitis like no other product, I immediately bought up your entire stock and will store it in the freezer. Are the 500g/1000g fillings packed light-protected in solid plastic pots?


C. S.


Dear Shea WaLe team,

I have received my ordered goods quickly. Thank you very much for that. The shea butter "Sensitive" and Bio Wild Savanna is, as with previous deliveries, of very good quality.

I will be happy to buy from you in the future.

With kind regards



Dear Sheawale Team! Dear Mrs. Maier!

I have been distributing SheaButter as a dealer for some time now. Now I have also

AfricanBlackSoap into my range of products. The customers are

enthusiastic! ...

Thank you very much and all the best from Waidhofen an der Ybbs (Austria)!!!



Thank you so much for bringing these great products to us and effectively giving back to Africa.


Your commitment is super! Wonderful handmade natural products! Glad you guys exist.



I am happy about the great initiative and the beautiful natural products.



Dear Mrs. Maier,  
everything arrived in Freiburg im Breisgau in best quality and order.
All the best!
F. F. jun.


I think it's great that you put in pictures from on site. Thank you for the effort and the work. Also very happy to forward this to the workers on site.

Merry Christmas, stay healthy all!


Hello Mrs. Maier,

Thank you very much for the shipment, the shea butter has arrived well with me.

I would like to ask for the certificate of analysis, because I need it for my documentation. Thank you very much!

Best regards from Switzerland

C. B.


thank you very much for the fast shipping and the really great shea butter!  
The quality is simply outstanding!
This was certainly not my last order from you.  
Very dear greetings,


Thank you very much, the shea butter arrived today. We are really happy and I personally could "dig" in it *grin.

Best regards from Austria

A. P.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you very much for the fast delivery.

I have a big request,

If you could send me some info, or recipes how I can use the oils.

Thank you very much for the great products

With kind regards

K. M.


Good morning Mrs. Meier,  
Yes, I would very much like to take some of the "restbulk, because the ProNature is really perfect with you! My neurodermatitis is namely almost gone with it :-) If you do not have a buyer, then I would like to take 6 or 7 kg. If that's too much, then of course I'll gladly take less.
Many greetings and you also a nice weekend

Hello Mrs. Maier, thank you for your mail...

By the way, your shea butter is excellent! I am already looking forward to it.

With kind regards

R. S.


Wonderful, fine consistency and buttery colour, heavenly scent (pleasant after white chocolate and not pungent after smoke) and of course a top skin feeling (face and body).

I have tried many before, but this one is fabulous.
Also positive is the prompt and sympathetic communication by e-mail as well as the perfect dispatch.


Best regards to Oberstaufen


B. B.

Hello dear team !

Short feedback....


     fast processing and shipping of the order

     very good quality of the Shea Butter "Sensitive

     Smell and color excellent ......What more could you want ?


Many thanks !


Dear people,

I will gladly send you a short comment about the product.

Thank you in advance for the quick and uncomplicated handling of the order.

For the sensitive facial skin of my wife the shea butter is very suitable. It causes absolutely no irritation.

But also the dry zones on the shins are treated with it and feel much better afterwards.

A really great product!

Best regards from the already snowy Niedernfritz in Salzburg, P.


Dear Team of Shea WaLe,

As feedback I would like to praise the always fast processing. I also like the promotion of the individual projects, so that the local people can really live from their work. Since I often order for the institution in which I work (residential facility for disabled people) I have two more questions...and remain with kind regards
M. F.

Dear Ms. Maier:

I would like to thank you for sending me the Shea Butter CLASSIC so quickly! It really is a wonderful quality and I am very satisfied and remain loyal to you as a customer. It is nice to have a product that is so valuable and in addition you know you are supporting a fair project in Africa for women.

Many thanks also for the 2 samples of Shea ICE and the soap. Also the ICE is a great quality! I have not tried the soap yet.

H. W.

(By ADMIN: Customer opinion regarding shipping mishap of Hermes/Order was then cancelled by us on customer request and the already paid amount was transferred back:

I'm really mad...
Nobody was here and DHL actually leaves a card in the mailbox so I can pick up the shipment at the post office.
I needed the butter now and not in two weeks...
Please cancel the order and transfer the already transferred amount. Thanks in advance
MfG E. G.

Thanks for your prompt delivery and your quality is great anyway!
There is no trickling when cold stirring!
To recommend again and again
Yours truly, M.M.

Hello Mrs. Maier...

a very warm thank you for the detailed answer... it helps me and my friend very much.

You already have me as a customer... and I hope that my acquaintance will soon become a customer with you.


I myself am absolutely convinced of your products... for me there is nothing else.

And if something like that comes up, I recommend the products to the warmest.

Because the experience I have had... as with all natural materials is this...

first... the body has to be cleansed of the years of poisoning it's been doing to itself.

through the use of chemical cleaners (shampoo, soap) then it works in depth...

but even with the first applications you can already see the difference.

After that it only gets better.

Again a very dear thank you and a big thank you that you let these products go around the world and distribute them.

All love...T. S.

Good evening,
> Many thanks also for the rehearsal of the Alata Simena Ashanti Style! My
> Grandchild Treasure and I "processed" them for the first time yesterday and
> tried it: This one is also really great! Now I have a small piece in the
> Bathroom and the huge amount of foam is really fantastic! Can you
> really wash your hair? Or does it have the same effect as
> with hair soap, which I don't get along with very well, because the hair after
> Washing looks greasy and unkempt.  
> I would be very happy to get an answer.
> Best regards,
> B. S.

Great products and thanks for the trial soap (Alata Simena), I would not have thought of it on my own. No more itching and scratching all over the body, a great soap for all body parts, thank you.

Good morning, kind Mr. Hollige and Mrs. Maier,

I would like to leave my feedback on your page, I authorize you to write my data. Thank you very much and I send you a big warm hug from Italia.

I have been buying this fantastic store for years. I have bought different types of shea butter in other stores, but I can confidently say that this is the best shea butter ever tried, which is why I always return to Mr. Hollige's and Mrs Maier's shop!

I bought the mineral shea butter, the one for sensitive skin, the classic one, the cold-pressed one ... all wonderful, a treasure of nature! Even the black Ghanaian soap is great, I have super sensitive, dry and reactive skin, with this soap I am fine, it's fabulous, I recommend everyone to try it.

I would like to make public thanks to the fabulous women of Ghana who work to bring this treasure into our homes, their work is priceless. Nature gives us this precious treasure chest, but without the work of these women, with their golden hands, none of us could benefit. Thank you, thank you and thanks again to all of you, I will be your customer forever.

M. M.

Thanks for the info! What would I do without your shea butter!
I still have some for the time being, but I want to order 1kg again in January or February.
Many greetings
C. P.

Hello, Mrs. Maier,

first of all many thanks for the delivery of the wonderful products!

We immediately started the production of our "Happy Shea Family Cream" - and a dream came true!

Shea Butter - Baobab Oil - Grape Seed Oil - Moringa Powder - Soda - Sandalwood Essential Oil etc.

Naturally the cream was informed afterwards still bioradionisch ....

We are overjoyed that we have found your excellent products.

Best regards from Bavaria

S. R. and K. N.


Ladies and Gentlemen!
I have been ordering from you for a longer period of time. As always, I am VERY satisfied with the top quality and the fast shipping!
Unrefined Shea butter as it should be!!! I process the butter in all my cosmetics as well as in my soaps, or just use it pure.
With security I remain to you as a customer! Keep up the good work!! Clear purchase recommendation!
Many, dear Grüßlis from Austria! :-)

Hello dear Shea WaLe team,

Now I would like to give a customer opinion:

I like the Mineral Shea Butter much better than the Classic. It is
softer and can be applied more quickly to the skin. Because the
Classic butter in the consistency was too firm, I always have different oils
stirred underneath to speed up application. These were jojoba-,
Olive, aloe vera, evening primrose and other oils. But somehow none was that
Right. I can now apply the mineral shea butter pure again, because it is
is smoother and melts faster between the hands.

Why do I use shea butter? I'm really tired of all this plastic madness.
and my skin reacts very sensitively to all these additives in the
"normal" lotions (allergy sufferers). That's why I tried the unrefined
Shea butter. Unfortunately they don't (yet?) exist in my big city, only the
sophisticated. The unpacked shop, for example, would be great. There you can get them
but only in homeopathic doses.

Well, I'm going to enumerate what I don't need anymore, since I've been using the
I'm using shea butter: Body lotion, hand cream, lip care, eye cream,
Make-up remover, sunscreen. Sometimes I already use them for
Intimate care. When travelling I only need one! Crucibles for everything and the
Plastic waste has decreased phenomenally. My skin does this shea butter
very good; finally I feel well again in my skin! At the transition from
I have wrinkles to my chin (I'm over 50), now they're gone!!! Also mine
I can show my upper arms again in summer - shea butter is simply
A 1 kg block will last me about 4 months. And also in the hot summer I have them
not stored refrigerated - nothing gets rancid.

Maybe it's possible to store this great shea butter in unpackaged shops.
in general; this would also eliminate the immense volume of postal traffic.

I think it's really great that we have this great shea butter in Germany.
can do!

Thank you very much, especially in the name of my skin!

Greetings from Baden

Hello dear SheaWhaleTeam,

I and my family have been using your great soap Ashanti Semina for several years now.

there was this also times as a kilo size I believe and now there is only one sale of this

really best soap ever. i/we very much hope that it will still continue to exist or?

best greetings from Cologne

J. M.

Perfect service as always for years. Thank you . Keep up the good work .
Your satisfied customer. H. W.

Hello, Mrs. Maier,

Thank you so much for the info.
I already knew about the soap.
I found the big piece just so beautiful.
I bought one last year (Ashanti Style)
And I have just the last piece of it in use.
Took me a long time to find out the right handling / dosage.
Since it foams very much and cleans intensively, you need very little of it.
It is also excellent for shaving and cleaning of all kinds.
Really a great and original product.

Many greetings

C. D.

How do you do?

because unfortunately there is no evaluation possibility, I would like to say here finally times, how enormously enthusiastically I am from the "Alata Simena". For many years I use exclusively natural soap for body care (also for the hair), partly I also make the soaps myself. But the "Alata Simena" can't be touched! So far I had used it only in the morning for face cleaning. Since about 3 weeks I use it exclusively, in the morning for washing and in the evening for showering and every few days for washing my hair. I am now 50 years old and have never had such beautiful and soft facial skin in my whole life! It makes an enormous difference that I now use the soap twice a day instead of once. All I have to do is wash my hair every 3-4 days and that's good for my already dry hair. I just re-ordered and hope that you will continue to buy this great soap. I would not like to miss it any more!!

Friendly greetings
P. M.

Mr. Höllige,
many thanks for the always good product!!!
I need the Proddatenbzur Sheabutter! Please send it to me by mail.
With kind regards
B. B.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
now I would like to give a positive feedback, which you can publish with my first name under "customer opinions".
First of all I would like to thank you for the small soap addition.
And there we are already with the topic: Since I use your soaps, although not yet for a long time, above all the naturalness apart from the truly good price performance ratio convinced me. I don't want to use a normal shower gel any more. And last but not least, I also know that I support your projects and not any major corporation.
Also the peanut oil is great. Smells really strong like peanut and tastes good to me. Simply great.
I can't say much about the Moringa powder yet, because I'm just starting to take it. But I am curious.
By the way, I have been using your shea butter for years and am very satisfied with it. It is rich and productive.
In due time further orders will follow due to my satisfaction with your products. Enjoy!
Further much success I wish Shea WaLe and send
best greetings from Düsseldorf

Hello, everybody,
I would like to inquire what the above mentioned shea butter incl. shipping costs in the purchase quantity of 3 and 5 kilograms.
Is the Mineral Classic version the cheapest? I ask because I have had very good experiences with it in my horse care and now need "replenishment".
Thank you very much for your efforts and feedback.
Best regards
C. F.

Ciao, Shea Wale team, everything went well with Hermes, the goods are excellent.
The soap is my favourite for shaving, really, the finest soap I know. Now only "enjoy".

Beautiful time and good business!


Many thanks for the shea butter! Very good quality - fresh and fair. I will order again from you:)
If you publish the above rating on your website please only anonymously.
Many greetings,
K. W.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen !

I am a new customer and have ordered under the above order number the same goods with a total value of 102,72 Euro.

Among others 1 kg Shea butter "SENSITIVE"-100% handmade for the price of 66,-- Euro

My question is this: is it normal that the butter is very crumbly, stubborn and hard?
                        Your homepage says that it is a creamy shea butter ??
                        I also asked in writing if the quality of the 1 kg package is as good as that of the small cans - this was confirmed to me by you.
                        Therefore my question. Of course it is clear to me that shea butter is not as soft as a chemical face cream (I have been using it for a long time and only! in organic (pure) quality), but I don't know it as crumbly hard.

I'm really enthusiastic about the soap - it's really good!
And also the oil I like with pleasure.

However, I must say that your really almost unfriendly packaging (my order lovelessly wrapped in newsprint) and without any personal letter or greeting, although I NEW CUSTOMER !!! I have honestly said that I am almost insulted !
I hope however, no I want to believe that it was simply only a mistake!

Waiting for your answer
I remain with kind regards
A. E.

I have been using shea butter for three years in soap making. Since October 2018 I produce the soaps commercially. Here the price/performance ratio is right. It is important to me to be able to use a fairly traded shea butter in my soaps and still not become too expensive for the customer.

Friendly greetings

C. M.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

a very, very good product (100ml Sensitive)! If you now manage to replace the plastic crucible with glass, wood, sheet metal or wax-coated cardboard or the like, that would of course be perfect!

Yours sincerely
F. S.

Dear Mrs. Maier!
Thank you again very much for your answer.
I appreciate the uncomplicated communication with Shea Wale very much.
All the best
A. B.

Good evening,
yesterday I received your package. I am very excited about your shea butter (SENSITIVE). It has a great consistency, the smell is very pleasant and the face feels soft and supple all day long. I have very sensitive skin and have tried a lot. But I haven't had such a great skin feeling all day. I am glad to have found you. And your product will be even better by the fair production in Ghana. Thank you very much.
S. E.

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Hello, the package arrived very well and I am very satisfied with the goods. Many thanks
C. A.

Hello Mrs. Maier
Thank you for your prompt reply.
It is nice that NO spraying agents are used for the shea butter.
I am very surprised by the Ashanti soap. It is pleasant on the skin and even washed the hair with it.
I'm also very happy with her shea butter, although I've only been using it for a week.
Thank you very much for your great products.

Yours sincerely
Good evening, sir,

Thank you very much for the shea butter. The parcel arrived today.

Thank you so much for treating me so kindly as a guest, uncomplicated and fast.

 I will recommend you.

Yours sincerely

 F. B.

Dear SheaWale team,
thank you so much for this best soap ever!!
kind regards
Dear friends, this morning I received your package with the products I purchased. I'm your "return" customer, that is, I've been buying your magnificent store for years. In addition to buying the classic shea butter, that for sensitive skin and black soap, this time I bought the "mineral", since I'm going to do preventive massages for my neck pain, I'm sure I'll find it very well!
  Your products are the best ever, the quality is really excellent, thanks for everything! I would like you to bring my sincerest thanks to the women of Ghana who work for us and who really provide us with a product that is "health to spread". A hug to all of you and a greeting from Italy :)

Good morning,

the package arrived quickly. Shea butter Sensitive can be distributed very well. Shea butter is still the best for my very sensitive skin. I can't say anything about the soap yet, but I still have to test it.

Thank you very much for the fast delivery.

Friendly greetings

I. E.
Thank you for the free sample that you attached to my last delivery. I liked the soap so much that I'll order it now.
Good day!

Last night I placed my order, this morning I remembered that I need more soap! I order 2x Ashanti soap 380g with coconut oil to the indicated order in addition, quite unformellably with this mail. I'm sorry to be a bother right now. But the soap is so important.
And I'm finally coming to write about it on this occasion, which I'm happy about every day. For many years I have not found a facial cleanser and cream that did not cause redness and/or unpleasant skin tension and that could alleviate my skin dryness. I couldn't figure out what I couldn't handle. I have tried a lot of organic cosmetics brands. A few years ago I simply ordered shea butter and Ashanti soap from you.  Since then my face cream consists of shea butter with organic olive oil and I wash my face with Ashanti soap. No more problems! Of course I also use soap and cream for the body. Meanwhile I, now 65, have dry old skin. But I can't feel it and you can hardly see it because the skin is so well nourished.
With Ashanti soap I quickly and thoroughly clean heavily soiled hands after gardening or working with paints in the studio without drying out the skin. I also use it to gently clean and care for my sensitive natural hair brushes, for which only special agents are to be used. And if something is not clean in the household: Ashanti soap helps. I wash my wool things in the soap solution.
Quite simply, quite naturally. That's all I need.

Many greetings from the north
I have a question about shea butter "Ice": where does this slightly sweet, fruity fragrance come from? Does it contain anything other than shea butter? I ordered a small sample of it with my last order and was surprised how fruity the butter smells. I have to say, however, that personally I don't like this smell so much. However, it fades quite quickly after application to the skin, leaving behind the natural, slightly nutty shea butter scent. I'm sticking with Shea Butter Sensitive. :)
Many greetings
S. M.
Good morning!

I'll make our skin cream from shea butter, of course.

But shea butter is a sensation for me as a wound healing agent. I just experienced it again, how you can almost watch a wound heal. Simply a dream and to recommend for everyone. From baby to old age!!

A big praise and thanks to the hard-working women in Ghana!

Kind regards from Burgenland


Hello, Mrs. Maier,
the second delivery has just arrived completely. Thanks for the smooth dispatch and the very good business relationship for years.
I've already tested the new crop. It's a great shea butter again this year.
If possible, please let the women's cooperative know: They're doing a great job :-)
Thank you and sunny greetings,
U. R.

Thank you, the transfer's already out.

Thanks also for the good support. I will gladly order from you again and again and recommend you in various soap and self-mixing forums.

Best regards

U. L.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I don't want to keep you waiting with the feedback, although I'm just starting the real testing now.
To me for a moment:
In the 90s, after the hobby books and Stephanie Faber cosmetics, I stirred for myself, then took a long break and rediscovered this hobby for two years, first for my husband, who was very sceptical at first, but is now my biggest fan. :-)
I ordered the shea butter on the recommendation of Mrs. Heike Käser from her cosmetic books for self-mixers. Actually I would have liked to order the Shea butter sensitive, also because I would like to support the people in Ghana, but unfortunately this butter was just not available and I was in a hurry, because I also stir for some friends and acquaintances cosmetics (not commercially, only against refund of the raw material costs).
The goods arrived well and quickly and made a good impression on me. Especially the shea butter smells - similar to cocoa butter - like white chocolate - delicious!
In my creams I have used them instead of - as before - the refined shea butter, but I cannot say anything about it yet, because I have stirred them up to now for others.
Yesterday I melted down a bit and filled it up to put it in the bathroom and test it pure. I have already tried the shea butter for my hands and lips and find it very pleasant. It also looks much richer than refined shea butter. So I am already convinced that your goods are significantly better.
I also ordered a small pack of Ashanti Style soap and it is already being used extensively. I find them very pleasant and well refatting, but not suitable for my very fine and dry hair, as they rather re-fat them too much. But I didn't order the soap for that either.
As a soap lover I will surely also test the other varieties of you and recommend them to friends and acquaintances.
Best regards from Ulm,
I. M.



Thank you very much for your products!

We like the soap very much.

We use it for washing and showering, washing our hair.

We soak a little bit in rose water and add sea sand to it, which results in a good peeling.

Fragrancing with essential oils is also possible.

Many thanks to the manufacturers!

greetings from Munich,

A. L.

Dear Mrs. Maier,
Thank you very much for the quick completion of my order. The quality of the goods is top notch.
Thank you also for the sample of the soap you enclosed. Although many of our consumer goods come from all over the world, it's a good thing for manufacturers, retailers and buyers to get something special handmade from Africa.
With kind regards
C. G.
Ladies and gentlemen,
  thank you very much! The quality of the shea butter is superb. Absolutely wonderful, nourishing and regenerating for the skin, already visible and palpable after one day. Thank you also for the soap sample Alata Simena "Ashanti style", a real discovery. You immediately feel the love, nature, the originality and the healing effect when touching. And the use was heavenly! Super nourishing, also for sensitive skin.
  Many thanks to your team, the fast dispatch and the super service.
best regards


Thank you for the quick delivery.
I am very satisfied with the shea butter sensitive, she cares wonderfully.
In the past I had tried shea butter from other manufacturers, but I was not completely convinced. Since I have to deal with neurodermatitis in my face and heard that shea butter should do quite well, I have tried again with your product. And I was really positively surprised. Of course the shea butter doesn't work miracles, but shea butter is very rich and I also have the impression that it has brought a small improvement. I would therefore like to make a clear recommendation for this product. I use them alternately with the products of Martina Gebhard's shea butter series and Dr. Hauschka Med Creme Potentilla. I then add some of the shea butter sensitiv to the creams as I have very dry skin. Thank you very much for this beautiful shea butter, I will buy it again.
You are welcome to publish my feedback anonymously.
Thank you and happy holidays,
J. W.

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Dear Mrs. Maier,
Thank you very much for the quick help. I am very satisfied with your products, I have not had any skin problems since I started using the shea butter.
I also wish you a merry christmas, peaceful and contemplative holidays and a good start to the new year.
Kind regards
U. F.

Unfortunately I didn't reach anyone on the phone - therefore this email:

I have ordered the Shea Butter De Karité - the more expensive butter - several times and I am very satisfied with it. Have actually completely got rid of my longstanding psoriasis rash at the knees and elbows after consistently four weeks of rubbing! Incredible! I even documented this with photos (before and after).
Many greetings

I have a question about the soap Alata soap Ashanti style.
I have seen in the shop that this is consistently reduced. Does that mean that
the soap will disappear in the near future? I had a
Soap from it with my sheabutter delivery and I am totally enthusiastic about the
Soap, but I will only order shea butter again next year.....

Many greetings
H. B.

Hello, Mrs. Maier,
I'm glad you got the package.
The shea butter has already been processed! Great. Great quality.
Like I said, I'm just gonna take it from you.
Kind regards
B. B.

Good evening Mrs. Maier
Not only do you have wonderful shea butter,
But also a fantastic service.
Then I really hope for her that you get your package back and for me,
to make it work this time.
I would like to thank you very much for your fast
and uncomplicated action.

With best wishes and greetings
C. G.-L.

Hello, Mrs. Maier,
today I received your package! : -)
Thank you very much for the sample and I am of course very enthusiastic about the Sheabutter Sensitiv! This is my absolute favorite of all the shea butterers I've tried so far!
Thank you very much for your detailed answer to my questions!
I am soooooo glad that I found your online shop and will be a loyal customer in the future!
It's also great that you deliver to Croatia, because I can order there...
will probably order a refill pack soon, but I have to decide which one (sensitiv, classic, mineralclassic) to order first.
Otherwise, can you please tell me where I could buy a glass container by storing the 1kg refill pack? If you know that would be great!
I wish you a nice weekend and thank you again for your efforts.
T. R.

I got a delivery from you today and there was a piece of plant soap as an addition!
I would like to thank you very much for that. I was really happy about it and I will try it out gladly.
The peanut oil ordered is delicious, by the way. I've never had so much taste in the shop before... it's always neutral there.
Kind regards from...
 L. N.


Dear shea butter team,

I am happy to describe my experience with your shea butter:

It is fine, gentle, soft, enveloping, nourishing and lively.

Mixed with cocoa butter, almond oil and beeswax, a few drops of essential oils to scent, I make a firm body butter.

The skin is optimally nourished on the still moist skin after showering, gently painted.

I take care of the whole family, from baby to grandfather.

Thank you for this great product!

Best regards


Dear Mr. Höllige,
I bought 1 kg of shea butter, a smaller can of shea butter, the soap Alata Simena Ashanti Style and peanut oil. The shea butter is natural and pleasantly aromatic and can also be applied pure and simple. The soap foams well and I use it mainly for washing my hands. The peanut oil smells characteristically, but the taste is not too intrusive, so I use it for strong summer salads and other aromatic dishes. I will certainly buy the products again, because I am very satisfied.
Yours sincerely,
A. B.


Thank you very much for the fast delivery of the already known beautiful Shea Butter Sensitive. A heartfelt thank you for the addition of a sample soap!

Many greetings

K. R.

Hello, Mr. Höllige,

I first bought shea butter from you, and I have to get it out of your way.
I've been using shea butter for about 10 years. I've got a lot of
so far they have been purchased via ebay from a seller from Ghana
and lived in Germany. She bought the shea butter directly
from her mother's village in Ghana, so I was sure that I would find
really pure shea butter and give the women in the village something
  Unfortunately, the salesgirl is gone and I had to find out
the last shea butter I bought should also be
Fair trade, it was machine-made in Germany, which
Provider buys the shea nuts in Ghana. The shea butter was also
not sophisticated, but still not like the ones I knew. you
was way too soft and instantly melted that wasn't a problem for me
Original shea butter.  I've looked again and I'm on your
Shop I have found the website and looked at all the information you have given me
I've read about it and knew this is where I get what I want.
And so it is, because I'm an allergy trap on two legs
that for a long time now, the cosmetics that exist in such a way I can not
use.  But my skin is very dry and I need something to
I don't get eczema from. I can only tell anyone who's familiar
such or similar problems has only been used to recommend
Shea butter. Even if you don't have any of these problems, shea butter does the
Skin simply well, you can see and feel it after some applications.
And the price is okay if I buy fair trade, I know and I know
I rely on the fact that some of the proceeds from the women in Ghana
to good things.  Because it's not easy work to make shea butter out of
to win the nut.

With kind regards
I. O.

PS Since I have written a lot of stuff now, you are welcome to
use either the whole mail or excerpts from it.

Good afternoon, We are thrilled with your shea butter, we were really thrilled. ...


I had ordered from you a few days ago and got my package today. First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the soap that was present as Goodie. I even wanted to order this soap with coconut first. ) All the more I'm happy that I can test it now. Because I don't know this soap yet. I already know the normal Alata Simena and she has inspired me already. I can't stand soap on my face - except for that African Black Soap. Also ideal for showering.

I would like to leave a customer opinion about shea butter and I would be happy if you publish it on your site, especially for those who don't know about shea butter. If you publish my customer opinion, please do not show my name completely. Thank you very much. :)

I have been using the shea butter for quite some time now and I am very satisfied. For me, that's the best shea butter there is. I have tested some others, but I have come to the conclusion that none of them outperform these. Meanwhile I use the shea butter Sensitiv as a face cream and can say that there is nothing better for me. I am a great fan of natural cosmetics and have been using various cosmetics from well-known manufacturers for years. However, I was never really satisfied. I have a very sensitive facial skin and I can't handle everything. Reactions to products, rashes, itching, pimples were repeated again and again. At some point I thought about using the shea butter on my face (before I only used it for body and lip care). I had redness on my face from a cream that my skin didn't like. I then applied the shea butter and within 30 minutes the redness had almost completely disappeared. The dry spots were completely gone and no more itching was felt. Shea butter is a very good moisturizing care, as it is also absorbed by the deeper skin layers and ...

I am very satisfied with my ordered products! Thank you and again! Cordially I. M.
I am very satisfied with the quick delivery and the quality! thanks for the soap they will try to wash their hair!
With kind regards
M. M.

Dear Mrs. Maier,

I will gladly give you a feed back on your shea butter, because I am enthusiastic about the problem-free payment (by prepayment), the fast delivery and above all the good quality.

The shea butter smells very good and after greasing the skin feels wonderful. I'm going to pass some samples on to friends.

Many thanks also for the included free soap sample.

Many greetings and thanks for your commitment in Ghana.

H. T.

Dear Mrs. Maier,
Dear Shea Wale team,
the product is quite good, cares for the skin and has a typical smell, which I still have to get used to.  I was wondering if the other Shea Butter Karité (handmade) smells like this?
I would have loved a mini rehearsal.
Thank you very much for the soap, I was very happy about this nice gesture, but I haven't tried it yet.
Best regards
M. Y.

Dear Mrs. maier,

Thank you for the super fast delivery!

My little daughter has had extremely dry skin since birth. I needed an alternative to these neurodermatitis ointments and I became aware of the Sheabuttet from her house. We have been using it on a daily basis for a year now and are fully satisfied with the result. I always had the small tin, but since the whole family uses it now, I ordered a block of 1 kg. It would be nice if they would just add a little instruction how to make it as creamy as in the small box. Cut down a little bit from the block, put it into the cream tin and stirred it briefly at 50 degrees water bath. There are still a few larger lumps that I grind in my hands and then only then brush on my daughter's skin.

I am very satisfied with the quality and service and will be ordering again soon.

Sunny greetings
H. O.
(Note from the Red.Instructions for use, consistency, etc. under Application & Recipes on www.sheabutter-ghana.de)

Good morning Mrs. Maier,

Thank you very much for the fast deliveries and also for the soap sample, which
my very sensitive skin has been very well tolerated so far.
C. R.

I've been taking the shea butter for years and in over and over again enthusiastic. I particularly like the wildlife variant because it can be used immediately. The organic shea butter is firmer, I add a good oil and so it can be easily distributed.

With kind regards
P. H.


Thank you for the consignment and the soap gift. I will have a lot of fun with the products and have chosen it because of the support of the women's projects in Ghana.

many greetings

Y. R.


Dear Mrs. Maier!


I am very enthusiastic about the shea butter and I will definitely order it again! Especially the quality of the Wild Savanna! I am also completely satisfied with the shipping and delivery time!


Thank you very much!


Best regards

C. B.

Dear Mrs. Maier,

Thank you for the quick delivery.

The shea butter is very pleasant and I have been using it for years - pure or as a cream component.

With kind regards

E. M.

My shea butter has just been delivered. The consistency is great, pleasantly nutty and slightly chocolate. It is easy to apply and is very productive. I have already tested other unrefined shea butter from Dragonspice and Sheagold. And I'm just gonna order shea butter from you guys. I am absolutely satisfied and enthusiastic about your product. And thanks for the sample Ashanti soap. C. S.

30.3... 2017
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
The order and delivery process was flawless. Also the shea butter: -)
With the 1kg Shea it would be great to have a different alternative than the plastic bag. Maybe in a plastic container?
With kind regards
I. S.

Hello, Mrs. Maier,

The cream smells good and can be spread very well, because it is very soft. This is amazing, because other shea butter products I know are usually rather hard.

I hope you are satisfied with this assessment. - -

I'm not on facebook and I don't want to become a member. - -

Many greetings
C. H.