We try to buy the packaging as far as possible in Ghana. Even our logos and labels were mostly designed in Ghana.

As a special treat, we will send you the shea butter partly in handmade baskets made of fast-growing elephant grass (please note the information in the online shop). They are made by women of the LOBI tribe. The baskets also serve as shipping packaging. They protect the inner packaging contained therein from light and damage. The shipping baskets are partly closed at the top with plastic material attached to the baskets, partly with fabric sewn to the baskets. The fabrics vary in colour and pattern - let yourself be surprised. The basket can be used afterwards for storing small items.

Production in words and pictures

Our shea butter is partly or 100% handmade. That's why it is also called artesan shea butter. Your advantages are obvious:

Cremiger, smells better, less or no danger of contamination by machines, ProPoor effect due to production in the countryside,... (why actually better quality?... read more in this info section)

But now to the description of how we finally get from the shea fruit to our shea butter.

1. the Shea fruits are harvested in spring between April and June. The green meat can be eaten directly. It is very sweet (much too sweet for my taste) and the Shea nut remains behind.