Our goal was always to offer the best products in the respective product line. After having come a long way with our warm-pressed shea butter variants, we started planning to offer exotic, cold-pressed oils in "QUALITÈ SUPERIEURE".

The market is full of certification agencies, from organic to fair trade, everything can be certified. However, certification agencies only carry out random checks, usually once a year, and there is therefore a great deal of scope for manipulation, especially overseas. Moreover, these certificates do not say anything about quality characteristics such as scent, condition of the raw materials and hygiene during production. This is why we became aware that the best quality is only possible through our own direct influence.
This is why we started a close cooperation with the Bobo Beauty Factory (BBF) in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso).

The close cooperation with the BBF enables us to achieve our goals, including those of our demanding, health-conscious customers. Here are the main advantages of working with the BBF:

- Only machines "Made in Germany" with food conform materials are used.
- We have a direct influence on the entire production process, from personnel selection, initial product selection, hygiene measures to supervision during filling.
- The raw materials are mostly from wild collection. All raw materials are carefully inspected at the BBF's incoming goods department.
- Short distances between harvesting/collecting areas of raw materials and processing. This ensures that the quality of the raw materials remains high until they are processed.
- Burkina Faso is a poor country threatened by Islamic terror. We are convinced that a successful economic development of Burkina Faso would mitigate this threat. Supporting the BBF locally contributes to economic development, as value creation takes place in the country and not abroad.

For a few impressions of the Bobo Beauty Factory please check our German section.