sheabutter-ghana. de - First Class, because unrefined, handmade and laboratory tested

 Question: What is the difference between Shea WaLe Shea butter and Beurre De Karité "Sensitive"? This question tries to answer the following table:

criterion 0-8-8-15
shea butter
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in our
Shea WaLe Shea butter CLASSIC/Mineral CLASSIC Shea WaLe Shea butter
not often
 available (n. v.),
important parameters (chemical and chemical
microbiological) are tested; the
The result can be viewed online.
see (s.) Shea WaLe Shea butter
Producer contacts
unclear; factories
compete with
women's groups or
poverty of women's groups
is used in the
The producers are women's groups; the purchasing policy is based on the principle of
defined fair trade concept
The producers come mainly from remote villages; if the cities can be regarded as structurally weak, the villages are even more so. The production of Beurre De Karité "Sensitive" secures traditional knowledge and offers opportunities for isolated sections of the population; otherwise see Shea WaLe Shea butter "CLASSIC".
of production
usually very large; you can choose from
a mass-produced
The production volume (small to medium) allows a positive effect on all following categories. Extremely small production volume:
This allows an extremely positive effect on all production steps.
Supervision/Quality control limited to the final product because of mass and time pressure, if at all  Existing and strict; now even more intensive during the individual production steps The small production volume allows
even stricter controls than Shea WaLe Sheabutter CLASSIC.
Raw and
n. a.; I could see for myself how shea nuts shea butter is made with rotten shea nuts. There is no external supervision. The water purity may be questioned. Strict and supervised. The shea nuts must be taken off by us before use. Even stricter and under supervision: The shea nuts have to be taken off by us before use. Only the best of the best may be used.
Production process Without supervision, a good manufacturing process remains a matter of pure luck. Often the quality is very poor; it is refined to conceal the inferior quality of the raw butter.
The production is carried out in accordance with recognized guidelines for the production of shea butter. Training prepares the women and coaching during production stabilizes the knowledge. s. Shea WaLe Sheabutter, only that the clear production of Beurre De Karité "Sensitive" guarantees even better coaching/training.
Use of
Aids and aids
The widespread use of cheapest machines and vessels leads to
contamination (heavy metals/
Shea butter machine oils/...). The cleaning of the machines represents a
permanent contamination control
danger (e. g. due to
cleaning residues in machine parts that are difficult to access).
The purity and consistency of shea butter suffers.
Only the shea nuts are crushed and ground using machines. This is done with great care. The machines are easy to handle and clean and are regularly serviced.

All other production steps are carried out by hand while at the same time adhering to hygienic measures. The handcrafted product results in a creamy consistency à la Shea WaLe Shea butter CLASSIC.
 The slogan "Back to the roots" - the traditional method of production experiences a rebirth with advantages for producers and consumers: The large families in the structurally weak area receive labour-intensive activities with above-average wages.

The traditional way of manufacturing relies on ancient knowledge combined with the application of the latest hygiene requirements and best practices in production processes.
Shea nuts are used e. g. with a rammer, ground with a stone on a stone, kneaded with a lot of feeling with the arms... the production process cannot be surpassed in "beauty".

We can then enjoy Beurre De Karité Sensitive.
for purity
of the product
generally speaking non-existent The final product is again filtered/screened, mechanically and gently. The final product is again filtered/screened, mechanically and gently.

You should be particularly suspicious of chemically refined shea butter. Research reports confirm the advantages of unrefined shea butter over chemically refined shea butter: each refining process removes natural substances from the shea butter. Doubtful chemicals are then added as catalysts, which have to be removed ("re-refining"). The necessary processes are a danger for the sensitive healing substances of unrefined shea butter.

That's why the shea butter on sheabutter-ghana. de is not chemically refined - we only have unrefined or biologically deodorized shea butter in our assortment.

The following applies to our products: they do not contain any silicone compounds, no synthetic preservatives, no petroleum derivatives, no "PEG, PPG or -eth" substances and no synthetic fragrances or dyes... i. e. they are free of all problematic substances and they are 100% vegetarian.

Nature gives us what we need -

In the Shea WaLe region, shea butter has been produced for centuries and "our" women are experts in this field. Shea WaLe shea butter is traditionally made by stirring and kneading mainly by hand. Independent experts assure that handmade shea butter is of a higher quality than industrially or mechanically produced shea butter.  This is also palpable: Our shea butter is more creamy, absorbs faster into the skin and has a better smell than standard shea butter.

Handmade: Feel the difference -

To enable you to feel the advantages of handmade shea butter, we have our premium product in the ONLINESHOP... Beurre De Karité "Sensitive": This shea butter is produced completely without machines. The final product reflects the great care taken in the production process... enjoy.

The production process of our shea butter is monitored by at least one of our management representatives, often the owner himself is directly at the production site. We have introduced strict hygienic rules. We carry out tests until filling and packaging - only flawless shea butter is accepted. Finally, to be on the safe side, we have our shea butter tested chemically/microbiologically in a German, independent laboratory (you can find the test results here).

We are also in contact with national and international research institutions.  The scientific work on optimal shea butter production and the transfer of this knowledge to women's work ensures that with Shea WaLe products you always get the perfect blend of traditional knowledge and current scientific knowledge.

We have close contacts in Ghana with a large number of women's groups and we encourage them -

It is our concern that the living conditions of the rural Ghanaian population should also be improved.  That is why our purchasing structure and our contacts with producers are designed to reduce poverty.  We also think that the customer should be informed about what a company understands in detail as fair trade when advertising is made. In the Fair Trade section, our definition of "fair trade" is explained.

Attention: The phrase "fair trade" is often associated with vague definitions. Therefore, please make sure that fair trade is not only used as a marketing trick, but that it is also linked to tangible definitions.