Application & Recipes

Instructions and ideas for use

The unique formula makes shea butter a wonderful skin care product. The literature reveals the following areas of application:

Dry skin, skin rash, wrinkles, itching, sunburn, for a soft shave, skin cracks, hard or rough skin (for example on the feet), protection in cold weather, frostbite, prevention of skin cracks during pregnancy, insect bites, muscle fatigue - pain or tension, before and after strenuous exercise, skin allergies. You will also find interesting hints for the application under
Feedback from customers.
Here's the customer feedback.

"Hello Oliver! My story is short: I have two small children, and they have dermatitis. We tried different emollients, but nothing could help us - except shea butter... After shea butter cured my childrens skin, I started to help other people to obtain it. Because everyone like it,... I ordered shea butter from you two times, and I was satisfied with the quality, and i like that your product is fair trade... Z. (in March 2009)

Conclusion: Everyone should have a jar of shea butter at home and carry it with them when travelling.

I personally developed an itchy rash in the crook of my arm - probably due to the high heat in the growing area - one afternoon. The itching disappeared immediately after applying Shea WaLe Shea butter - the rash was barely visible the next morning.

Instructions for use

Shea butter is stored in a cool place until delivery. It therefore remains fresh and is fairly firm in the delivery status. It melts in the hand or near a heat source.  cosmetic spatula) from the container into the palm of your hand. This also prevents bacteria from entering the butter through the hands. In the palm of your hand you can easily grind the shea butter or make it soft and creamy by light pressure. Within a very short time you will notice how pleasantly soft and smooth Shea WaLe shea butter is.   

Despite the positive properties of shea butter and its good tolerability, you should be aware of skin changes after applying shea butter. Maybe your skin needs to get used to the shea butter. Therefore, if the skin changes after application, it is better to stop using shea butter for a while.

Ideas for application

Before applying to hairy parts of the body, the shea butter should first be completely melted, for example in the ball of the hand; furthermore, shea butter can also be heated carefully in a water bath.

The application ideas and the effects on the skin and hair are only valid for the use of handmade, unrefined shea butter.

Natural protection for your lips by shea butter when the weather is cold or dry and also as sun protection. Your lips will benefit from the protective natural ingredients in Shea WaLe shea butter. In addition to excellent protection for your lips, shea butter will make your lips shine attractively. Nature replaces chemical lipsticks... It gives us what we need: Absolute smoothness.

Your face will benefit greatly from the daily use of Shea WaLe shea butter. It is ideal to combine the application with a short massage.

a) Flexibility: The high proportion of unsaponifiable substances makes the skin supple.
b) Moisture-regulating: It is very beneficial for those parts of the skin that are close to the surface to stimulate their blood circulation. Immediately after applying the butter you will feel the feel-good effect on your skin.
c) Protection: The butter will penetrate deeply into your skin, leaving a silky sheen on your skin. The protection is noticeable and lasts a long time. Shea butter also helps with sore noses during colds or allergies. Gently massage the shea butter around the sore nostril.

Full body application also for very sensitive skin
The idea for a wellness bath: heat a small amount of shea butter in a water bath and add it to the bath water. Shea butter spreads on your body - without any effort. It will soften your skin and balance your skin moisture. Variant: You only put a part of the heated butter into the water and massage the rest on selected skin areas as long as the bathtub is full. Following a customer feedback on the whole body application:"I'm sure you're interested in what I use the shea butter for: My son (just under 3 years old) has neurodermatitis and her shea butter is the best I can do on his skin. Athletes apply the butter to all stressed skin areas. Not a bad alternative: For a gentle massage, use your partner. Why not?

After Shave Wellness: Apply Shea Butter immediately after shaving. It protects your skin from irritation and gives the skin a silky look. Feel the difference - and do without chemical and strongly perfumed facial lotions - enjoy.

The strong protective power of shea butter makes your hair silky and revitalized.
The recommendation... revitalizing application: On the day before washing your hair, massage in the hair extensions with liquid shea butter. Wrap your hair in a hot towel and your keratin will absorb all the necessary substances. For very dry hair and about 10 minutes after washing: Melt a small chunk of shea butter and rub the butter into your hair, which will bring shine and life to your hair. Rub a little shea butter between the palms of your hands and then use it to style the hair.

Summer, sun or... off to the south
Use Shea butter as a revitalizing after-sun cream. For all pre-tanned people: Shea butter has a sun protection factor of 3-4 and our hair gets dry in summer. Please use the above recommended hair treatment and oil the hair before swimming. Shea butter provides protection on land and water. Not only light skin suffers from the strong UV exposure in summer and year-round in the mountains. Regular use of shea butter before and after sunbathing helps your tanned skin to stay that way. Please use and do not forget the low natural sun protection factor of butter.

Field report on Africa and sun protection:
Longer cycling in the midday heat of West Africa did not lead to a reddening of the skin on which Shea WaLe Shea butter was previously applied. I conclude from this that butter has a much higher protection factor than mentioned in the literature... Nature gives us what we need.

Day Cream for your baby
In Afrka, shea butter has not only been used daily by women for centuries. Shea butter is also used to protect sensitive baby skin from the harsh desert winds, and what has proved its worth in extreme conditions is also wonderfully pleasant for us and for those close to us.

Winter and Summer Special
Apply in the morning to protect your face during the day. All the parts of the body that are uncovered are attacked by cold weather and sunlight. The film the shea butter leaves on your skin protects your skin for hours. Please do not forget: the fight against aging skin starts with its protection.

For massage applications, we recommend combining the wisdom of Ayurvedic script with the outstanding properties of pure, unrefined and handmade shea butter. Ayurveda originates from the vedic high culture of India and is considered to be the oldest and most comprehensive health care system in the world. His holistic approach has made him a very popular and respected figure:
Warm the shea butter to body temperature. Attention: Supervise the heating process. Apply the liquid or viscous butter to the area to be massaged and off you go. Don't forget to light a candle and, if you like, an Indian incense stick. The combination of the world's oldest health science with the African natural product - this is globalization in its most pleasant form - click here to download a massage guide from the leading Ayurveda specialist Deepak Chopra. Enjoy.

Application tips from customers (Shea WaLe says "Thank you")
".... but the hint (I got it from another shea butter enthusiast) that shea butter is also very well suited for the sensitive mucous membranes is missing. The reference of the acquaintance was:"Shea butter should also be very good for dry vagina..." This topic is very intimate, but so many women suffer from it, so it would be a very good thing to publish it. With regular care, shea butter can protect you from fungal attack. It also heals haemorrhoids quickly and gently. Also irritated nasal mucous membranes, enjoy a little shea butter. M. I."

"As shaving soap - 80g blocks on a small bowl or like real shaving soap just with the shaving brush and some water in the hand or on the bowl foam up like real shaving soap evenly with the shaving brush and some water in the hand or on the small bowl, foam the face (for the ladies also the legs) with it, works great - and then with a rifle knife or wet razor (Wilkenson e. g.) as usual shave, super.... WONDERABLE!!!! I've tried it out myself and found it to be good, D."

Recipes from customers

"The following procedure is recommended if you want to mix a (high quality) oil into the shea butter:

Place the shea butter in the can into a pot of boiling water, close the lid and let it rest. After a few minutes the shea butter is liquid and can be mixed with every good oil (jojoba, almond and lemon oil) about 20 %. If you like, you can drizzle a few drops of essential fragrance oil (mandarin, lemon, orange) into it. Attention, the cream now needs a few hours until it becomes hard again. Current tip from one of our customers: The oil should have the same temperature as the butter."

"Recipe body cream: Use approx. 60 g shea butter and approx. 30 g almond oil, a few drops of 100% pure essential oils,

Cut the room-warm shea butter into small pieces, put it in a mixer jar or into a bowl with a mixer, add the oil and beat it vigorously for about 5 minutes. At the beginning it " bumps " really hard, but then it becomes more and more foamy. Then add the essential oils. Ready. This is really very simple, and this cream penetrates wonderfully into the skin, even though it is only made of fat. My friends and I are very enthusiastic about these body creams. They are wonderfully airy and soft. Shea butter alone with jojaba oil or almond oil, a bit of sea buckthorn flesh oil for babies and children, is also great. The kids at my work colleague's say these creams are the best.

For me, stirring ointments is a "sacred" thing, stirring ointments I stir warmly, but stirring these body creams carefully in the blender is fine with me."

Shea WaLe says "Thank you" for these hints and I would like to thank you very much for the further wonderful feedback and the often associated hints and tips.