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Sesame oil, unrefined, extra-virgin, cold-pressed

New product

Our native sesame oil is gently cold pressed and therefore has a particularly high proportion of valuable and health-promoting ingredients.


  •     Gently cold-pressed from unroasted sesame seed
  •     from 100 % pre-selected, high-quality raw materials
  •     popular ingredient for ayurvedic and macrobiotic cuisine
  •     mild and digestible
  •     vegan, lactose and gluten free

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  • 20ml
  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 1000ml

More info

Sesame oil is used extensively as a healing oil. In recent experiments by Ayurvedic doctors in Holland, sesame oil has been promisingly tested for the treatment of various chronic disease processes such as hepatitis, diabetes and migraine.

Use in the kitchen

Our sesame oil was cold-pressed from untreated, pre-selected sesame seeds. It has a neutral and mild taste and is therefore very suitable for cooking, baking/frying and as salad oil.

Sesame oil in body care

In Ayurveda, the oldest health doctrine in the world, sesame oil has a high value and is used both in the kitchen and for skin care. In massages it is used as a natural massage oil.

Its content of linoleic acid, antioxidants and vitamins makes it a proven remedy for dry and stressed skin. The oil penetrates deeply and quickly into the skin and provides it with optimal moisture. It also helps in the regeneration of the skin and strengthens the skin cells.

The cold-pressed sesame oil has the same effect on the hair. It is particularly suitable for very dry and stressed hair or a sensitive scalp as a hair care treatment.

Sesame oil is also emphasized in the Vedas (texts from ancient India) for its extremely beneficial effect on humans...enjoy,