Baobab Oil, cold-pressed, unrefined, wild collection

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The unrefined Baobab oil produced by cold pressing is traditionally used by African women for skin care. It is extracted from the seeds of the fruits of the Baobab tree (also baobab tree). The oil yield per kg of seeds is very low which makes it very rare and precious. More about its properties in the product description.

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Finally, I can introduce you to another treasure of the West African savannah. The rare Baobab Oil has the following properties: It is particularly rich in vitamins, unsaponifiable components and has strong antioxidant effects. Baobab Oil is an excellent source of vitamins, has a calming, cell regenerating and healing effect. It is very stable and has a long shelf life. The following areas of application are possible:

  •     Skin: It absorbs very quickly; against dry skin and old skin, helps against sunburn; Baobab Oil is suitable for oil mixtures and here as a stabilizing component.
  •     Hair: Gives shine to dry hair.
  •     Hands: Strengthens brittle nails.


  •     For external use only
  •     Wild collection