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African Black Soap "Alata Simena": The legendary original from the old Ashanti kingdom (Ghana)....Please klick for more information and also to read the exclusive interview with our family production manager...enjoy.

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Weight range:* 300-350g

Ingredients: Coconut oil, ash of plants.Packed with recovered paper

*Due to the cutting by hand the weight might vary.

This is an original african black soap from the old Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana. It is a soap that need to be cut with a knife before you can apply water. After that knead the piece of soap to a "snowball". In case some crumbs seperate from the soap press these crumbs back into the "snowball". After adding water the soap gets very flexible and you can form it the way you like it. Enjoy this perfect nature soap.

Interview with our head of family and production manager of the Ashanti Style Soap:

Abaoaghye, why should our clients use the Ashanti Style soap?

...because it is a natural soap which means our forefathers use our natural ingredients to help our body or our skin.
...because in ancient times we did not have any doctors in African countries and this soap helped us to fight against diseases.

Do you and your family also use the soap and what is your experience?

Yes, we use it because it helps our family to fight against skin rashes. The skin is becoming very soft or smooth. Since we use that soap my family does not get any skin rashes at all.

Aboagye, for what parts of the body do you recommend the soap?

Any part of the body.

Hair, scalp too?


What instruments do you use to produce the soap?

We do not use any machine; because its natural we also use our natural things (our hands) to prepare it.

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