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The up to 2 meters high peacock shrub - also called "Pride of Barbados" - is one of the most beautiful and flowering ornamental shrubs and can be grown with us as a fast-growing container plant. It forms double pinnate leaves and the flower color varies between golden-orange and red...enjoy.

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Origin / Distribution: Caribbean Islands
widespread in the tropics and subtropics as an ornamental plant
Habit: Perennial, evergreen or partly deciduous shrub or small tree up to ca.3m with double pinnate, medium green leaves. The attractive, long-stalked, brilliant red-orange flowers with yellow fringe appear in terminal, erect inflorescences up to 40cm long. Particularly striking are the long stamens, which protrude far from the corolla and curve slightly upward.
Propagation: Sowing / semi-mature cuttings in summer.
Sowing: The hard seeds should be roughened or filed before sowing, then poured over with hot water and soaked for about 24 hours. Then sow in a good sowing soil with a portion of sand or perlite to a depth of about 1 cm, the seed should be placed in a bright position and kept constantly moist. The optimal germination temperature is about 25°C, the germination time is about 3-6 weeks.
Sowing time: Possible all year round
Pot / tub culture: The peacock shrub loves a sunny, warm location outdoors during the summer months, wintering should be bright, at about 10 ° C, young plants should winter at about 15 ° C. During the hot season, watering should be regular and abundant, but waterlogging is not tolerated.
A good uniform soil with a portion of sand or vermiculite is suitable as substrate to ensure better permeability. Here, too, when repotting in the spring, a slow-release fertilizer can be used.

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