Neem press cake

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  • Niem press cake(neem press cake) is a by-product of the cold pressing of Niem seeds (neem seeds)   
  • NPK organic fertilizer
  • supports the roots in regaining their natural balance
  • contributes positively to the nutrient supply of the plants
  • water extract can also be produced.

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Application notes Neem press cake

Make use of the universal plant strengthening and disease repellent effect of Niem for your garden plants. Indian farmers are your role model. They not only use ground Niemsamen or Niempresskuchen to enrich the soil, but also to expel and ward off harmful insects such as termites, butterfly caterpillars, beetle larvae, grasshoppers, cicadas, leaf miners, aphids and bugs.

The neem press cake is particularly suitable for systemic application as it contains the limonoids and above all the highly effective azadirachtin. There are two strategies for systemic application. Either the active ingredients of the plant are administered with the watering water, or the neem press cake is mixed under the soil.

Watering water: 30 g neem press cake and 1 l water. Heat the water to approx. 60 - 65°C and pour it onto the Neempresscake. It is best to prepare the mixture in the watering can or in a kettle. Stir vigorously and leave the infusion to stand for about three hours. Then the water has cooled down sufficiently for you to be able to use it immediately for pouring. Stir the infusion once again so that the neem cake also gets into the earth.

Garden soil mixture: 10 litres of plant soil and 50 g neem press cake. Mix the neem press cake with the plant soil and pot your plants into this mixture. For young plants you should always stay at the lower limit, for older and larger plants you can use more Neempresscake...enjoy.